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    Canberra Solar energy and panels. If you’re looking to save money on utility and energy costs, Solar Canberra has choices that will appeal to homeowners and business entrepreneurs. For further information call now on 1800 951 441 or fill in the quick quote form.
    Before you do that, though, consider the advantages that solar panels can have for your home or business.
    1. Solar energy rebates from the Australian government. The government grants financial incentives in the form of rebates for households and businesses that choose to switch to solar energy.
    2. Lower utility costs. When your business installs solar panels, you won’t have to be dependent on power companies. Instead, you can harness the most sustainable power source in the universe—the sun! As a result, your operating costs go down, helping you do your business more efficiently and at a lower cost.
    3. Positive publicity. Because going green is now at the forefront of government and public initiative, you can demonstrate environmental responsibility. That’s exactly the kind of publicity you want. Not only are you caring for the environment, but you are also establishing your company as a reputable choice for potential clients. That then raises your business profile in your community.

    There are a lot of benefits from going green. When you use Canberra Solar, you can be sure to get one of the best solar panels in the country, with great customer care.

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    You will get a lot of advantages when you choose to install solar panels. Solar Canberra power suppliers can help you a lot in this matter. Solar Canberra is a company that realises the importance of shifting from traditional, fossil fuel-based power to renewable sources of energy.

    We understand that you can’t just pick any company for your solar panel needs. The supplier you use should have a few things that all reliable suppliers will have.


    A Variety Of Packages And Services

    Suppliers of solar energy products shouldn’t just offer solar panels. They should also provide a whole host of other services as well, such as solar panel installation or hot water product installation. They should also be able to present you with different solar and hot water packages.


    Knowledge Of Products

    A reputable supplier of solar panels should know the products available. This can be demonstrated through communication with company representatives. They should be able to explain what’s included in individual solar panel packages. Good salesmen know what they’re selling. The company website will also have lots of information about solar panels and the advantages of solar energy. If they have a wide knowledge base, they will probably be able to assist you more in person.


    Customer Confidence

    There are hundreds of solar panel suppliers in the country. Not all of them enjoy the confidence of their customers, though. Some companies, will have a page for testimonials on their website. You will also find a lot of positive comments about the company online.

  • Choosing Solar Power – Canberra Homes


    Many households in Australia are turning to solar power. Canberra offers a lot of incentives for those that do this. Switching to solar power will help you save money. Solar Canberra has all the products you need to allow your home to go green. When you call or fill in the from to the right, you can access some of the best solar energy products around.


    Indeed, solar panels are very helpful not just in saving the environment, but also in helping you cut costs for your household. If you’re a homeowner, you can take advantage of the many benefits of installing a solar panel at your home.

    1. Lower power costs: The power bills of most households get higher every year. We know it’s getting tougher to pay those bills. With solar panels, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.
    2. Government rebates: Sure, buying and purchasing solar panels can be quite an expense. That’s why the government offers rebates to offset those costs. With those rebates, it’s like the government actually pays for a part of that. You’re paying next to nothing.
    3. Reduction of pollution in the neighbourhood: Because solar panels create no machine noise, your neighbours will actually be thanking you for choosing that kind of quiet renewable energy resource. Aside from that, you can teach your children the value of saving the environment. This kind of investment tells them that you’re serious about helping the environment recover.

    Your household will benefit a lot from getting solar power. Canberra and its environment will benefit too, so call or fill in the form on the right and choose the right solar panel for your home.

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  • Testimonials


    “We are the proud owners of an Eight panel Solar Canberra system. We were hesitant at first to go ahead and install the system, but thank you Michael for being so helpful, laying out a plan which we could afford. Compliments also to the young man who installed the system. They went about their work in a confident and happy manner.”
    Ron and Elaine Louis

    “I recently purchased solar from your company. I have received my first full electricity bill since I had the solar installed and I could not be happier. Once again thank you for your wonderful service.”
    Kim Palmer


    “We are writing to say thank you for the great service we received from you. The staff, from the Rep to the office girl, were so helpful. The boys who came to install the panels were great and were very punctual arriving on the dot. We have only received one electricity bill so far, but were pleasantly surprised to see how little it was, after having rain for 2 months and not seeing much sunshine, we were not expecting such a small bill. We thank you again and will recommend your company to friends and relatives.”
    David and Beryl Waterhouse


    “Thank you for the very neat and timely installation of my solar system. I have no hesitation in recommending your company.”

    Ingrid Millbourn


    “Our experience with Solar Canberra has been a straight forward experience. All staff are friendly and professional in their approach. The installers were prompt, efficient and we were fully informed of progress at all times. The whole process has been made easy by the paperwork regarding the Government subsidy taken care of by Solar Canberra.”

    Joanna Stewart

  • FAQ

    Why should I install solar?

    1. Electricity will only get more expensive
    2. Natural resources will disappear one day
    3. You will need to invest some money up front to save money in the long run and depending on your circumstances may even be able to make money by putting power back into the grid.
    4. You can use solar on business and commercial premises as well.
    5. Solar increases the value of your home and or business

    Do I need solar power?

    This is really your decision. In the long run we will run out of our finite natural resources, and other forms of power will be necessary. You can start now and make a difference to your power bills and the environment today, or you can wait until you have no choice. No one knows when that time will come, but those who are prepared always do better then those who wait till the last minute and have to compete against everyone else who waited.

    How do I identify a good solar company?

    Look for enthusiastic companies who love the difference they are making. Someone who will come out to your home and give you suggestions and ideas for how you can make the best use of solar at your property. Someone who has pictures and testimonials so you can look at what is possible. Also being BSCE accredited and Clean energy Council members is an advantage.

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